Our Story


Hi there, I’m Brittani!

Most days you can find me in workout clothes, with dirty hair chasing babies and dreams. My heart is for my family and my ever-evolving business. If you look at my planner, you’ll see that it doesn’t get done unless it makes my list! I’m a list girl and a total #boymom. (We’re expecting our third boy in July.)

I love serving the world by using my calligraphy and capturing words that are meant to encourage and speak life into your home and daily adventures. I’m an artist at heart and love the creative process of being a business owner and letterer.

My passion is to serve people that are looking for high quality products for your home and life. I love custom work and getting to know my clients throughout the customization process and bringing their vision to life!

When I’m not busy working, you can find me being “mom” and at CrossFit. Where my fellow CrossFitters at?! Fitness is a huge passion of mine…(I’m trying to remember that throughout this third go-round of pregnancy!)

The things I’m most passionate about in life are:

-Leading my family in The Lord.

-Giving my clients quality work, my very best.


-Entrepreneurship and always improving my business.






A Brand Built on Values

            We are a husband and wife team, high school sweethearts that fit together like PB&J. His background is in carpentry work, hers is in art. Every piece of our art is cut, sanded, painted and treated by our own two hands. We love what we do! Homes are not perfectly staged like a magazine. They get dirty and have stains. They are memory makers and provide countless teachable moments that are priceless to you. We like to create pieces that are real, just like your home and everyday life. They have character, are individualized, made with love and are designed for you. Here at Six Eleven Co. We want to give you quality, sensible items for your life that aren't only meant for a magazine but for those messy memory making hands as well.

We believe that words are one of the most powerful influences in our lives. Positive words have the ability to change us from the inside out. Our shop is intended to speak a positive influence in your life and to touch your soul. We hope to inspire your heart and with words, using our hand lettering calligraphy for your everyday life. 

XOXO, Christopher and Brittani