Pumpkin Spice, new babies and new signs!

Fall is among us! This new season is by far my favorite of the year. I've already got spiced scented candles burning and am looking forward to cooler days around here!

I get so excited to make new memories and to see my boys faces when we're doing something new or it's time to continue on with an old family tradition.

So much has changed for our family over this past year. We're trying to find our rhythm with three babies under 4 and it hasn't been easy! Most days were sliding into bed at night, looking at each other like "we made it another day!" Seriously, it's amazing how adding one more to the mix changes so much.

We're constantly reminding ourselves that this is a short season. The newborn phase doesn't last long and we'll get used to the crazy as our new normal.
(seriously, if you've seen my house at the end of the day then you know what I'm talking about.)

I love this time of year because it focuses on family and reminds us to be so, so thankful for where we are in life right now. I know that these are some of the best days of my life. I will one day cry for my boys to need me this much and give anything for them to be home again. These are the days I'll remember. So, I'm choosing to embrace it as best I can and am learning to love the crazy.

I hope that you search for the beauty within your current season of life. It's there, you may just have to choose to see past the dirt and focus on the little blessings that Christ sends your way.

Don't let it pass you by.

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Our fall line has been added back to our store!
You can find it here!


Seasons of Motherhood

The days of gathering the whole family for a first bath, searching endlessly through a messy
room for a Star Wars robe and puffy, heavy eyes will pass me by all too soon.

Bouncing a wrinkly newborn while having a crying toddler at my ankles will only be a memory and will, no doubt, be one that I'll never want to forget.

Being a mama is a tired like no other, tied to more happiness and love than my heart can hold.

In this postpartum season I'm trying to take it slow and bottle it all up. I have a tendency to always look ahead and jump to the next phase of life and to feel guilty when I'm not making progress & completing my to do list.

Not this time.


We're pretty sure that Jacob is our last baby. He brings our family full circle and with that comes many firsts and lasts.

I'm learning that this isn't the time to rush anything. I'll get my "me time," I'll get my body back, I'll get peace and quiet one day.
Just not today.

I'm learning that what I'm exchanging this season of motherhood for is more than worth it. I always knew it, but I'm trying to slow down and really feel it this time around.

It's no where near perfect & most days I could pull my hair out, but I would still choose this life over any other.
Hands down.
These are my people, the ones that hold me together.


I hope to encourage anyone that's reading to embrace where you are in your life.
To realize that "This too shall pass."
Life comes in seasons, ones that aren't meant to last forever.
Let this season teach you what it needs to and grow you as it's intended to do.
I've learned that it's okay for my priorities to change depending on my current season.
(Sounds dumb to have to "learn" that. That's just how my mind works, I'm very black and white when it comes to life, goals, etc.)

Anyways, time for me to go warm up my coffee, my babies are waking up and I'm not about to miss out on it.


New signs in the shop!

A few weeks ago we added a new style of sign to our shop!  

Its been so fun to change up the pace and give you guys the option of our name sign with a twist.


We love working with wood and creating with our hands, so this is right up our alley!  

It starts with my lettering, then, Christopher takes it to the saw. 
Once I have more time, I'll be learning and practicing on the saw, too! 


These signs are all about you!
You customize them, just like our most popular nursery name signs.  


We start by choosing the background color you'd like. We've got different color stain options, or you can go with a painted background.  


Our sweet Jacob got the first wood cutout sign that we made, followed by the big boys that will be sharing a room soon!
(Once we get around to making bunk beds for them!)


Send me an email if you're thinking about ordering one! I'd love to talk with you about the design and colors. 

Click HERE for this sign.

Follow us on Instagram to see more of these new signs!  


2 weeks and three boys.

It's been a little over two weeks since Jacob came into our lives!
He's adorable. And sweet. And a reminder that everyday is another chance to thank God for my life and my family.

Eli and Noah think he's the greatest thing in the world and so doI.



Our sweet, bright eyed boy is doing great!
I've been working hard to get his weight up...He eats at least every two hours during the day and at least every three hours at night.

He's up to eating one to two ounces at a time which is great considering that he only ate 2 millimeters when he was born!

He's now weighing a little over 5 pounds and filling out his little preemie clothes better!

On Sunday I took the boys to the station to see Daddy.

 I always tell myself I should go more often, but then it takes forever to get them all ready, and forever to get there and then I remember why we don't go all the time! :)

I'm learning that I need to adjust my routine and figure out how to get us out of the house and on time now that there's three little guys.
When Christopher's home he usually gets Eli and Noah ready to go so that I can get ready and is usually always telling me to hurry up so we're not late. Being late is a terrible quality that I have!

We were supposed to be in Irving around 11 and I didn't leave the house until 11:30!
Ehh, you win some, you lose some.

Christopher sure was happy to see his boys and they couldn't stop talking about squirting the fire hose!


Our sweet tiny piece of magic is here!
He's here and he's so perfect it makes me want to cry every time I think of him.

I'm so thankful for a God that works miracles STILL.
For a God of comfort and peace.

Last Wednesday morning we headed to the hospital for an induction with butterflies in my tummy ( along with a kicking baby)
Both of us were so nervous and excited to meet our boy.


My past two labors were quick, I was induced at 40 Weeks + 3 days with Eli and then went into labor at 38 weeks + 4 days with Noah.
I wasn't sure how long it would take my body to respond to being induced at 37.5 weeks with this one.

After some walking around the hospital, med ball bouncing (I had no idea what I was doing with this!)  and hours later we had our sweet boy!

The NICU team was in the room ready and waiting for him.

Once he was here my Dr. timed one minute and kept him attached to the umbilical cord for some extra cord blood time to circulate. From there the NICU team took him over and thoroughly checked him out.

Those were some of the scariest 5 minutes of my life. I just prayed and prayed that he was okay and could breathe on his own. I remember yelling out asking how much he weighed.

Our last sonogram predicted that he was 4.12 pounds. He was 4.13 when he was born a week later. After a few minutes he was in my arms.

Skin to skin with my little miracle and the NICU team was gone. We were amazed that he was able to stay with us.
He was healthy and beautiful!
4.13 pounds 17.5 inches long.


The nurses and staff were incredible. We're always so blessed to have great people taking care of us. This time a family member was my labor nurse! She was amazing. My Dr. wasn't able to stay for Jacobs delivery. Autumn's shift had ended at 7PM but she stayed until I had him at 7:45 PM and was such a help to me as I delivered.

Again, I was reminded that he is the God of comfort. When I was nervous about a different Dr. delivering Jacob he gave me more of himself.

Over the next several hours he had blood sugar checks (which he passed every time)
His first feeding was done with the nurses finger.
He was so little that he only ate about 2 mm of breast milk.
He started eating a little bit more throughout our stay.


The boys came up to meet him and I'm not sure if I've ever seen Eli more excited!
He's got the sweetest little heart and was so worried about both Jacob and I throughout this whole process. He's one proud big brother.

My Noah man was more interested in eating all the chocolate in the room and running up and down the halls of Baylor. :)


Friday morning was his heart echo.
Our cardiologist told us that he does still have a large hole (VSD) but that his diagnosis is actually "Pink Tetrology of Fallot"

His over riding aorta actually benefits his VSD and reduces the backflow of blood into his lungs.
We shouldn't expect to see many signs of his condition like shortness of breath, turning blue, puffy eyes and feet, etc. because of this.

We're preparing for surgery when he's around 6 months BUT praying for another miracle in the meantime! 


Friday morning we were discharged to go home with our newest piece of heaven.
I had prepared my heart as best I could for whatever was to come.
I had only hoped that it'd turn out this way!

To say that God is good doesn't seem to be enough.
He's never let me down, never given me a reason to doubt his goodness and faithfulness to our family.
My heart is so grateful for our family and friends that have come together to pray with us over Jacob. Like truly overwhelmed.

Thank you for loving us so much. I really believe that God worked his miracles on Jacob his last few weeks in utero. The Dr's were very concerned that they were dealing with a much bigger heart issue than we had originally thought. We didn't know what to expect when he came.

But, once again, God came through.
We love you all.


Eli's FOUR!

This little guy was beyond excited to turn four this year!

He tells me..."Mama, I'm still your baby but I'm a big boy too."
AHHH! How can I not melt?!



We started the day with birthday pancakes and then headed to pick up his cake! We had it made from a nearby bakery in Kaufman, Renaissance Cake Co. I found them not too long ago and have been using them for about a year now. They're cakes are good and always look amazing!


The party consisted of lots of cousins, family and friends!
Can you hear Noah screaming "Cheeeeeeeseeee" he held it for as long as he could.


On Sunday my family had a lunch and baby shower for us! Christopher was working, so I took Eli with me. He wasn't happy about it at first but once he saw pizza on the menu he decided it was a good choice to come!


I love this little guy more than he knows.
These last four years have been the best of my life.

He is determined, caring, loving, compassionate, tough and a mama's boy!
Happy Birthday, Baby!


Cords, babies and names.

Now that we've finally decided on a name that we can all agree on, we are more excited than ever to see our newest Zmolik member!

We have been grateful from day one of this pregnancy and have experienced so many different situations, feelings and emotions than we did with our first two.

With this first Dr. visit we found out that our baby was only measuring at 5.5 weeks rather than the 8.5 weeks we had calculated. I remember my heart breaking on the table as my Dr. prepared me for a miscarriage. My heart just broke as I thought of this sweet life inside of me.

After a further sonogram we did, in fact see the most perfect heartbeat that came along with that 5.5 week sac + babe! My Dr. still prepared us for the next few weeks to come and what could happen within this fragile time.

Two long weeks we waited.   Waited on something to happen, some form of encouragement or reality. We prayed and prayed more.
After two weeks we still had a heartbeat and the conclusion that my cycle had just been late and calculations were off!

Shortly after, we found out that I have a two vessel umbilical cord along with a VelamentousCord Insertion. This news wasn't too alarming from my Dr.'s perspective, but of course from a mamas point of view it can be stressful!
We would be watching growth often with sonos every four weeks from here on out!

Fast forward to around 33 weeks.
Noah and I went in for my appointment and growth sono. Up until this point our little guy has been measuring, weighing and behaving in all the right ways!
This visit was different.
We found that Jacob had dropped into the 11% for growth which is very alarming and a red flag for their growth.
We were sent to a specialist that averaged the growth at 17%. Better, but still something that we are watching very closely and monitoring with weekly sonograms and Dr. visits.

The specialist did notice a hole in the heart while we were there. She explained that this is a very common case and that these holes often close on their own after birth.
One week later I nervously sat in another chair for another sonogram. Not long after the warm gel was applied did we have confirmation that there is a hole in Jacob's heart.

Jacob's VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) is 7mm which is considered a large hole.
The sweet Dr. wanted to be sure that I understood that this hole most likely will not close on it's own and will require surgery around 4 months of age to repair.

This condition leaves him tired and overworked. There's a possibility that he won't be able to breastfeed well enough to grow like he needs to. This is because he'll be working harder to breathe and be fatigued often. We will pump, bottle feed and supplement if we need to!

Since the visit, we've taken in the news and prepared ourselves for the different possibilities of what's to come. We're just grateful to have found this news out now rather than at birth.


On Sunday, the 9th, I'll be 36 weeks and will go in for another growth scan.
It will have been four weeks since we've looked at growth and this will give us a very good idea on when they will induce me.
It will be no later than 38 weeks and as early as 36.


Thank you for praying with us and for us!
We can feel your support and are so thankful for friends and family like you!

We can't wait to meet our strong little guy and see his face!