A New Season

We have recently felt a huge tug on our hearts as a family. We KNOW that when we are not in His will, we can’t do anything. Our first priority is our family, always, no matter what.

While the store has been a new and great adventure, it is one that requires much time, effort and full attention from us. I wasn’t able to give the store the attention that it needs to thrive and grow. It has been doing well but the sacrifices that it will require to get it to where I want it to be are just too much at this time. I have babies, ones that I originally quit teaching to stay home with. Ones that I want to spend my time with. So, if our online business is doing well, growing and where we are seeing our best potential I would rather give my full attention to that, all while still being home.

I found that I was spread too thin. When we’re spread too thin, we become overworked, stressed and just plain mean! I could act like everything has been wonderful, perfect and exceeding our expectations but that wouldn’t be real. How would that help anything?

Our goal is always to focus on what we do and become the biggest, baddest and best in that industry. Being stretched too thin really makes this difficult and almost impossible. I have come to realize that I can’t do it all, and I don’t need to! So, we are focusing on the things that we love! Our thriving online business is where that is for us! It just works better at this time for our growing family. We have plans to have a vendor booth somewhere close by, so that we can still have our products easily accessible. The idea is to have a smaller version of our current store!

We’re so excited for this change and really feel like it will allow us to focus on our own brand, create new products and steer us into the direction that we would like to go. We don’t view the store as a mistake, we learned SO much and had so much fun doing it! But, every season has a beginning and an end. This is just a new season for our family. We will be welcoming a new baby in a few months, and being a mamma is what I’m here on this earth for. Maybe later in life we’ll open up another free standing brick+mortar, but for now we are listening the best we can to what The Lord is telling us!

So, with a happy, full and most affirmed heart we will be closing our store at the end of the month and moving back into our home studio and workshop. Please stop by and take advantage of our sales downtown that we have going on now! Anything left will be in our vendor spot when the time comes!

We love you all and are SO thankful for the support that you’ve given our family!


Chris + Brittani