It seems like these last few weeks of life have flown by! Here's a bit of our story lately...

This little guy...when did he get so big? I really feel like he woke up last week and had changed so much. His little eyes just get me! He's so full of personality!

"Baby" is officially one of our favorite words around here. We've been doing a little more prep work for the new guy and these boys are all about it.

Apparently we're all about duck lips, too.

His snaggle tooth just gets me! Poor guy. He's the ultimate middle child. He's been sick more than I can count, knocked out his front tooth and is the clumsiest kid I've ever seen.

He's tough as nails, though!

Speaking of getting Eli is just growing so fast.

I'm pretty sure we're in the terrible fours right now. BUT, in between backtalk, telling me that he's right and learning to be sweet to his brother he is the biggest Mama's Boy!

He takes care of me and makes sure I'm always okay. He'll be four next month and I just don't know what to do about it!

Last week I went in for my 33 week sono and Dr. visit. I have a two vessel umbilical cord with this pregnancy and also a Velamentous Insertion.

The two vessel cord has many different effects that can go along with it. My Dr. has been watching me closely and measuring baby for growth throughout this pregnancy. When we went in last week he was measuring 11% for his growth and had dropped down quite a bit from the 27% he was at 4 weeks prior.

My Dr. sent me to a specialist a few days later that determined he was around the 17% which is better but not great. So, I've got weekly appointments from here on out and a tentative due date!

I was initially going to be induced on July 26th or 27th at 38 weeks due to the two vessel cord but it may end up being a bit earlier than that now, it just depends on the growth from here on out!

We were afraid that my activity would be shut down, but I'm only restricted to taking it easy right now and no working out.

We're getting so excited to meet this little guy! Only a few more weeks!