Cords, babies and names.

Now that we've finally decided on a name that we can all agree on, we are more excited than ever to see our newest Zmolik member!

We have been grateful from day one of this pregnancy and have experienced so many different situations, feelings and emotions than we did with our first two.

With this first Dr. visit we found out that our baby was only measuring at 5.5 weeks rather than the 8.5 weeks we had calculated. I remember my heart breaking on the table as my Dr. prepared me for a miscarriage. My heart just broke as I thought of this sweet life inside of me.

After a further sonogram we did, in fact see the most perfect heartbeat that came along with that 5.5 week sac + babe! My Dr. still prepared us for the next few weeks to come and what could happen within this fragile time.

Two long weeks we waited.   Waited on something to happen, some form of encouragement or reality. We prayed and prayed more.
After two weeks we still had a heartbeat and the conclusion that my cycle had just been late and calculations were off!

Shortly after, we found out that I have a two vessel umbilical cord along with a VelamentousCord Insertion. This news wasn't too alarming from my Dr.'s perspective, but of course from a mamas point of view it can be stressful!
We would be watching growth often with sonos every four weeks from here on out!

Fast forward to around 33 weeks.
Noah and I went in for my appointment and growth sono. Up until this point our little guy has been measuring, weighing and behaving in all the right ways!
This visit was different.
We found that Jacob had dropped into the 11% for growth which is very alarming and a red flag for their growth.
We were sent to a specialist that averaged the growth at 17%. Better, but still something that we are watching very closely and monitoring with weekly sonograms and Dr. visits.

The specialist did notice a hole in the heart while we were there. She explained that this is a very common case and that these holes often close on their own after birth.
One week later I nervously sat in another chair for another sonogram. Not long after the warm gel was applied did we have confirmation that there is a hole in Jacob's heart.

Jacob's VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) is 7mm which is considered a large hole.
The sweet Dr. wanted to be sure that I understood that this hole most likely will not close on it's own and will require surgery around 4 months of age to repair.

This condition leaves him tired and overworked. There's a possibility that he won't be able to breastfeed well enough to grow like he needs to. This is because he'll be working harder to breathe and be fatigued often. We will pump, bottle feed and supplement if we need to!

Since the visit, we've taken in the news and prepared ourselves for the different possibilities of what's to come. We're just grateful to have found this news out now rather than at birth.


On Sunday, the 9th, I'll be 36 weeks and will go in for another growth scan.
It will have been four weeks since we've looked at growth and this will give us a very good idea on when they will induce me.
It will be no later than 38 weeks and as early as 36.


Thank you for praying with us and for us!
We can feel your support and are so thankful for friends and family like you!

We can't wait to meet our strong little guy and see his face!