Seasons of Motherhood

The days of gathering the whole family for a first bath, searching endlessly through a messy
room for a Star Wars robe and puffy, heavy eyes will pass me by all too soon.

Bouncing a wrinkly newborn while having a crying toddler at my ankles will only be a memory and will, no doubt, be one that I'll never want to forget.

Being a mama is a tired like no other, tied to more happiness and love than my heart can hold.

In this postpartum season I'm trying to take it slow and bottle it all up. I have a tendency to always look ahead and jump to the next phase of life and to feel guilty when I'm not making progress & completing my to do list.

Not this time.


We're pretty sure that Jacob is our last baby. He brings our family full circle and with that comes many firsts and lasts.

I'm learning that this isn't the time to rush anything. I'll get my "me time," I'll get my body back, I'll get peace and quiet one day.
Just not today.

I'm learning that what I'm exchanging this season of motherhood for is more than worth it. I always knew it, but I'm trying to slow down and really feel it this time around.

It's no where near perfect & most days I could pull my hair out, but I would still choose this life over any other.
Hands down.
These are my people, the ones that hold me together.


I hope to encourage anyone that's reading to embrace where you are in your life.
To realize that "This too shall pass."
Life comes in seasons, ones that aren't meant to last forever.
Let this season teach you what it needs to and grow you as it's intended to do.
I've learned that it's okay for my priorities to change depending on my current season.
(Sounds dumb to have to "learn" that. That's just how my mind works, I'm very black and white when it comes to life, goals, etc.)

Anyways, time for me to go warm up my coffee, my babies are waking up and I'm not about to miss out on it.