2 weeks and three boys.

It's been a little over two weeks since Jacob came into our lives!
He's adorable. And sweet. And a reminder that everyday is another chance to thank God for my life and my family.

Eli and Noah think he's the greatest thing in the world and so doI.



Our sweet, bright eyed boy is doing great!
I've been working hard to get his weight up...He eats at least every two hours during the day and at least every three hours at night.

He's up to eating one to two ounces at a time which is great considering that he only ate 2 millimeters when he was born!

He's now weighing a little over 5 pounds and filling out his little preemie clothes better!

On Sunday I took the boys to the station to see Daddy.

 I always tell myself I should go more often, but then it takes forever to get them all ready, and forever to get there and then I remember why we don't go all the time! :)

I'm learning that I need to adjust my routine and figure out how to get us out of the house and on time now that there's three little guys.
When Christopher's home he usually gets Eli and Noah ready to go so that I can get ready and is usually always telling me to hurry up so we're not late. Being late is a terrible quality that I have!

We were supposed to be in Irving around 11 and I didn't leave the house until 11:30!
Ehh, you win some, you lose some.

Christopher sure was happy to see his boys and they couldn't stop talking about squirting the fire hose!