Mama Tribe, Tattoos and new shirts.

Mom life is so sweet, it's the best thing we'll ever do. But let's face it, it's hard work. Some days I feel like I run around in circles and other days I feel like my babies are growing up right before my eyes, way too quickly for me to bottle it all up before it'll be gone.

I've been wanting to create this line for a while now and am so excited for today! Our new line of mom tees fits my heart, my life and style. They speak to our "Mom Tribe" and are the comfiest tees around.

Speaking of mom tribe...

Last week Chris and I took Eli to see Cars 3. After the show we were walking out. (When I say walking, I mean I was waddling to the bathroom) and a woman with awesome tattoos, wild hair and an outfit that matched her perfectly yelled out at me...

"You look beautiful, by the way! You're doing awesome!"

She pointed at me and just kept walking by with the biggest smile on her face.

THAT made me almost cry. How did she know I'd had a hard week?
(We had just found out some news about baby boy #3, I'll share that a little later.)

How did she know I needed to feel a sense of contentedness to other mamas?

How did she know I just needed someone that knew what I was experiencing to tell me I was doing okay?

I like to believe it's because we're all a Mama Tribe. Here to encourage each other, be there for each other and love each other. Even if we're complete strangers. We've felt and known the feeling of life growing inside of us and that forever changes how we operate.

Join our Mama Tribe, feel connected with a stranger, let's walk (and sometimes crawl) through this journey together as women who so desperately love these little beings with all of our hearts.