Easy Protein Pancakes


Over the past several weeks I've turned attention towards sharing a different portion of my life on Instagram with you all! I LOVE health, fitness and everything in between and decided to start sharing different things that I do throughout my week to stay motivated and focused on my health.

I get SO excited when I see how you are using my "meals," workouts and tips. It's not easy being a mamma, let alone a mamma that gets to the gym and eats healthy!

I like making small snacks to help get me through my day a little easier! The more healthy, ready made choices I have in my fridge, the better choices I make when it comes to snacking during my busy day!

These pancakes have been a great "go to" for me the past few weeks. They're SO EASY to make and taste delish! They're also low carb for your low carb days!


I've only tried these with PeScience Protein, so don't get mad if you don't get the same results with a different brand!

I know a few have made these from my Instagram posts and have had good results!


Protein Pancakes

-1 scoop PeScience Protein
-1 Egg
-3 TB Water
-1/8 tsp Baking Powder
*combine all ingredients (more water if necessary) Stir until you get a pancake consistency.
Cook 'em up!

You'll want to cook these a little longer than regular pancakes so that they'll hold up for a few days.

I eat them plain, top with peanut butter, jelly or wrap a piece of bacon inside!



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